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Whole House Inspection

This inspection is a visual examination of the readily accessible components of the home.  The inspector operates the systems of the home using the normal operating controls.  No dismantling of the home's components or destructive testing is done.  Our professional home inspection can identify nonfunctioning systems, damaged building components, safety issues and items that are approaching the end of useful life.  The final inspection report for the whole house inspection is also available in a Spanish/English version for clients that are more comfortable with and would prefer their report be in Spanish.  If a report needs to be in Spanish for a client, it should be requested at the time the inspection is ordered to ensure that the inspector arrives in the field with the proper reporting software.

Stucco Inspections (Including EIFS)

The exterior stucco on all homes is either hard coat or synthetic.  Both types of stucco have the ability to retain water and cause moisture levels to be 30% or higher beneath the surface of the stucco.  Synthetic stucco experiences more problems than hard coat due to consistent improper installation by synthetic stucco contractors.  Our inspectors use moisture scanners and probe meters to determine the moisture level present beneath the surface of the exterior and can tell you whether or not the stucco poses a threat to the life of your home.  Our inspectors can also tell you how to maintain and care for your stucco.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends radon testing on the sale of all homes, old or new.  Radon is a deadly gas emitted from decaying Uranium and enters a house through small cracks and openings.  Radon is especially high among areas where granite is present.  There are multiple methods used to test for Radon, our company uses a continuous monitor.  This method not only provides us with an overall average, but hourly readings.  This method also allows us to detect any tampering with the testing equipment or the environment, where other methods cannot.

Light Commercial

Light commercial inspections are a general overview of all the major systems and components present in the building including: the structure, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, the exterior, and interior (similar to the whole house inspection).  The International Building Code is used to conduct the inspection on newer buildings.  Light commercial inspections include low-rise office complexes, apartment complexes, investment properties, restaurants, warehouses, etc.

New Construction Phase Inspections

Are you building a custom home and want to make sure it is being built correctly, right from the start?  American Residential Inspections, Inc. performs inspections beginning during the framing stage of the home building process.  The framing stage takes place just before the drywall is installed in the home.  A construction phase inspection is a structural analysis ascertaining that all load bearing and framing components were properly installed.  The inspection certifies that the home is structurally sound and compliant with building code standards.  The process also includes an examination of the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC rough-ins for code compliance.  The report for the construction phase inspection includes code numbers for your reference.

One Year Warranty Inspections

The sale of a home usually includes a one year warranty in which the builder will correct any problems encountered within the first year of ownership of a new home.  It is wise to have an inspection conducted shortly before the one year warranty expires so that you will know what you want to have the builder correct.  Do not get stuck with those home maintenance bills later!  Have you home inspected before the warranty runs out.

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